Tepui Autana/Kukenam 3 Sleeping Bag

Brand: Tepui
Product Code: Tepui Autana/Kukenam 3 Sleeping Bag
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Tepui's Deluxe Custom Fit Sleeping Bag will keep you warm and comfortable on your next adventure! Best of all they fit perfectly to the size of your tent. With a soft flannel lining and an oversized hood, this sleeping bag will keep you warm. The rectangular design allows for natural movement while sleeping, instead of the restricted movement of a mummy bag.

Product Specs

  •   Synthetic micro fiber insulation
  •   Oversized cinchable chest baffles
  •   Large draft tubes along the zipper keep you warm
  •   Rated to 25 degrees.
  •   Perfect for the Autana 3 and Kukenam 3 models, but can also be used in the Autana 4 or Kukenam 4.
  •   Dimensions: 84in x 54in
  •   Shell: Canvas
  •   Lining: Flannel

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